Do I need a (Labor) Doula?

Most everyone can benefit from the presence of a professional labor doula.  In a few situations, you may not actually need one, BUT could still benefit because they know tips and tricks, your loved ones don’t.  A doula will stay cool under pressure, is prepared to support you for many many hours at a time and has specific training for this job.

Yes, you for sure need a doula if you…..

  • have an partner that’s amazing and all in, but you know they will need breaks to eat, use the restroom and rest
  • have a partner, but know they get queasy and skirmish
  • have a partner, that isn’t sure about their level of involvement in the process
  • have a partner that prefers to cheer from the sidelines
  • and your partner have a strained relationship, but will they be present
  • have a partner that is there out of a feeling of obligation
  • have a partner that doesn’t agree with major decisions that mom wants
  • don’t have a partner
  • have family that may not be supportive, positive or helpful in the birth room
  • having a hospital birth
  • having a birth center birth
  • having a home birth
  • being induced
  • having a VBAC

No, you may not need a doula if you…..

  • have an amazing partner, and an amazing person to assist them, who both agree with your wishes, and understand all the intricacies of labor and options AND feel confident in their ability to help you relax
  • both of your support people are free for days at a time with very short notice
  • are having a scheduled c-section, and have an amazing partner

If you’ve decided you need a doula, I’d be happy to chat with you about what I offer and discuss your specific needs.  Happy birthing!

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