March 17, 2018

Doula Packages, in Glendora, CA and surrounding areas

Special Services and Discounts Offered

  • Tax ID number provided for insurance reimbursement
  • My personal phone number
  • Labor and birth photography, if requested
  • Using essential oils in labor and postpartum, if requested
  • Bereavement services included for an unexpected demise
  • Reduced rates for single moms or teens
  • Current Childbirth Student:  10% discount
  • My Student Alumni:  8% discount
  • Discount for add-on services or classes
  • Package discounts
  • A la carte prices

Labor Doula

My pricing is a little out of the box.  I have decided to charge a per hour rate.  I found that everyone feels more comfortable knowing they are paying for only the time I’m with them.  For very short labors the client is able to spend less out of pocket and for longer labors the client understands they are paying more than the initial package, but I’m being fairly compensated and therefore everyone is comfortable with how long I’m there.  My initial package covers the cost of all visits, plus the first 4 hours of labor.  Beyond that, it becomes an hourly rate.

Birth Package: $500

  • My availability 2 weeks prior to EDD, until delivery
  • 2 hour prenatal visit
  • 4 hours in-person labor support
  • 1 hour postpartum visit
  • Additional breastfeeding consult, if requested
  • Additional labor support, $50 per hour

Care Package: $1,300

Birth Package plus:                                                                                                           30 hours of postpartum doula support

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is someone trained to take care of a mother who has just given birth. She is there to support her during her physical and emotional healing, which includes helping to care for her newborn so mom can get much-needed rest.

Postpartum support packages:

  • 30-hour package: $875
  • 50-hour package: $1425
  • 75-hour package: $2100

If you aren’t sure which package you will need, feel free to schedule a 30-hour package and know that you can always add-on towards the end, with your purchase credited toward the upgraded package.  However, keep in mind my availability may have changed.

A la carte postpartum support:

If you find yourself in need of just a little extra help so you can feel more confident caring for your little one (or sneak in a nap or shower or just want help with those first few outings) this service is for you!  I am often available on short notice, or you can schedule shifts ahead of time if you know there are some upcoming times when you’ll need some extra support.

A la carte support: $30 per hour (minimum 4-hour shifts per day)

Bereavement Doula

A bereavement doula is someone trained to provide whatever support a mother needs, who is experiencing a planned or unplanned miscarriage, stillbirth or brief life expectancy.

Birth Package:

  • Prenatal visit
  • In-person labor support
  • Postpartum visit
  • Binder of resources

Care Package:
Birth Package plus:

  • 10 hours of postpartum doula support