Questions to ask your Dr. if you want a natural birth

If you want to deliver in a hospital, but want no interventions (or very limited) then you need to find a very supportive Dr.

How do you know if your Dr. is supportive of a natural birth?

I hate to tell you, but you can’t just ask them, because they will often just say, “yes, if everything is going well.”  The problem is, they are influenced by all of their work history, they are influenced by hospital policy and they are influenced by their liability and insurance.  Unfortunately, for them it isn’t cut and dry about you just getting what you want.  They may give decent answers, but ultimately, they need to cover their butt and they may personally not agree with your choices because they don’t see them as valid or they may not be as educated as you on the most recent evidenced base information because they just follow hospital policy.

There is a big difference between “evidenced based” and “standard of care”.

Think open-ended questions.  Plan to ask a couple with each visit so that they don’t feel bombarded, pressed for time or that they are under an inquisition and become defensive.

  • What do you think about fetal monitoring?  Feel about intermittent?
  • How do you feel about eating or drinking during labor?
  • If I’m at home what would you recommend if my water breaks but no contractions have started?
  • How do you feel about me pushing in a squat position or on hands and knees?
  • What is your protocol for 3rd stage?
  • What is your protocol in regards to a mom going past 40 weeks?
  • How do you feel about delayed cord clamping?
  • What % of your deliveries are c-section?

These are just some of the most important questions, but they will give you a good idea if your Dr. truly does support a natural birth.

If you aren’t sure how your birth might go because you don’t have the support you’d like, either from your Dr. or those who will be present, then please consider hiring a doula.

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