Charlotte’s life in a nutshell!

Hello!  My name is Charlotte and I guess it’s customary to introduce myself when you first start this blog thing.  Well, frankly, my life story would take up many many blog posts, so here’s a brief introductory.

I grew up in Visalia, CA.  As my friend called it, hickville.  It isn’t so small anymore though.  I’m the middle child of 3.  Older brother and younger sister.  My parents raised us in church and a very conservative house with many rules and not too many explanations of the why behind those rules.  Pretty much everything was black or white.  I am a rule follower, and therefore stayed out of trouble and had a relatively easy childhood, with plenty of love and good memories.  I was taught the value of hard earned money, living debt free, always ask questions, natural ways are often better ways, and a strong conviction to love God and therefore, to serve others by giving back with your time, talents and money.  Prayer was always the answer to everything.

My plan since high school was to become a teacher, get married after graduating, work at least 3 years, be pregnant by 25, have 4 kids-2 bio, 2 adopted-2 boys, 2 girls and then be a SAHM.  (I like lists, organization and plans, haha) I first thought about running a daycare or preschool, but after being a nanny, working with infants and in a preschool, I realized I wanted to teach more academics, so that meant a University and 5 years of college, yuck!  I transferred to APU, where just before finishing my B.A. I met my husband, Brian.  2 milestones checked off the list!

I graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Education with a certificate to teach special education.  I taught and subbed in many classrooms with various special needs and general ed from preschool-high school.  I ultimately wanted to teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, but ended up being the first teacher in a new program for Autistic kiddos, ages 4-8.  I did that for 3 years.  3 HARD years.  During that time we were trying to get pregnant and the stress of the job and a marriage that wasn’t what I dreamt of, made it impossible to conceive.

Fast forward to now and we’ve made it 25 years and have had 8 kids!

I was older than I wanted when we started a family (didn’t quite make that checklist) and with how many we’ve had and how spread out they are, I’m now 47, with 2 girls, 8 and 10, and boys 14, 17, and 19!  Hmmmm, that’s only 5?  What about number 6, 7 and 8?  That’s many blog stories long so I’ll save them for another day.

I’m so glad you found my site and I hope with all my heart, you find something helpful, encouraging or educational here.  Welcome to my life of Laboring with Love!

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