Did you know there are different doulas?

Did you know there are many kinds of doulas?  A doula is someone who supports a person (typically a woman) physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you have heard of a doula, you’ve probably heard of a labor doula.  Labor doulas join a woman in labor to help her cope with her labor pains by bringing comfort to her, which in turns help her relax and typically have a more pleasant birth experience because she feels supported and surrounded by people she feels comfortable and confident with.  Ask women who’ve had a doula for labor and see what they have to say about the experience.

The next most common doulas are postpartum doulas.  They come in to the home after baby is born and help the parents get rest, support in caring for the newborn, provide resources that may be needed and take care of small details around the home, like dishes and laundry.  Imagine an extra set of hands to make sure mom gets the food and rest she needs to heal and nourish her body.  Imagine a professional there to care for the baby while mom gets a shower or spends quality time with older siblings.  Imagine waking up to fresh snacks, a filled water bottle, a happy baby and a clean kitchen! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

But what about other times in life?  Wouldn’t you love to have a doula when life is challenging and you needed extra support?

Imagine having a doula to help take care of you:

  • when you have a miscarriage or a stillborn or a loss of any loved one – that’s a Bereavement Doula
  • when you need extra help while pregnant because of illness, or just feeling overwhelmed – that’s an Antenatal Doula
  • when you are struggling with infertility and you feel isolated and alone with many questions, thoughts and Dr. appointments?  How nice would it be to talk to someone who’s been on that roller coaster before and they could go with you to some of those emotionally charged appointments? – that’s a Fertility Doula

You might say, that sounds great and all, wish I’d known then, but I’m done having kids.

Well, what if your loved one is extensively ill and you can’t keep up and you let your own self care slack?

What about if you have anxiety over hospitals, surgery, dentists, etc?  Why not hire a doula to go with you, talk to you and help you get prepared and recover?  I’d call those Life Doulas, but unfortunately no one is referring to themselves as life doulas……yet.  I think it may catch on as the general public becomes more aware of the role of doulas.  So if you want a Life Doula, just call up a postpartum doula and ask her. It’s very possible she’d be willing to support you in your unique circumstance.

If you find yourself or someone you know struggling with anything in life, remember there is a kind-hearted doula out there that would love to walk beside you during your challenging stage of life.  Help spread the word about the amazing job of doulas and don’t go through life without the wonderful support you deserve.

Feel free to contact me to see if I would be a good fit for your needs.

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