Do I need a (Postpartum) Doula?

A postpartum doula may quickly become your best friend!

She is there to listen to your ever changing emotions, hear your concerns, guide your uncertainties of parenting and provide resources to specialists, if needed.  Her entire job is to make sure you are well cared for.  She makes sure your drink is always filled, you have food at arms reach and she’s there to take care of the baby while you shower, nap or give attention to other children.  You can rest easy knowing a professional is there to tend to baby while you rest and heal.  She can give guidance on feeding and help troubleshoot any concerns.  Wouldn’t you want to start off parenthood with that amount of support and comfort?  Knowing you are taking care of your body in the way you should, not allowing yourself to be pushed to the back burner like you typically do will help you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy state much sooner.  However, maybe you don’t need a doula.  Read on to help decide if you do.

Yes, you for sure need a doula if…..

  • you have a partner that’s amazing and very helpful, but they only get a short time off from work
  • your partner goes back to work and you don’t have any family available to help
  • your partner isn’t very helpful, or doesn’t help in the ways you need
  • you don’t have a partner or anyone else who can help for hours at a time or spend the night
  • your family creates more stress than relaxation, or they are just not helpful
  • you just need MORE focus on you so you can rest and heal, those extra hands are a blessing

No, you may not need a doula if you…..

  • have an amazing partner who gets weeks off to help you rest and heal
  • have amazing family who can come for weeks and are wonderful help and you won’t feel guilty taking care of yourself with them there

If you’ve decided you need a doula, I’d be happy to chat with you about what I offer and discuss your specific needs.  Happy birthing!

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