March 17, 2018

Doula Packages, in Glendora, CA and surrounding areas

Special Services and Discounts Offered

  • Tax ID number provided for insurance reimbursement
  • My personal phone number
  • Labor and birth photography, if requested
  • Using essential oils in labor and postpartum, if requested
  • Bereavement services included for an unexpected demise
  • Reduced rates for single moms or teens
  • Current Childbirth Student:  10% discount
  • My Student Alumni:  8% discount
  • Discount for add-on services or classes
  • Package discounts
  • A la carte prices

Labor Doula

As your labor doula, I will provide you with constant comfort.  Depending on how your experience unfolds, that may look like physical comfort techniques or more emotional presence knowing I’m just a few feet away.  I will be a constant source of education to answer your questions and remind you of your options in labor and what you want to happen during this most sacred time.

Birth Package: $700

  • My availability 2 weeks prior to EDD, until delivery
  • 2 hour prenatal visit
  • 8 hours in-person labor support, additional support is $50 per hour.  Example: an 18 hour labor would cost $1,200
  • 1 hour postpartum visit
  • Additional breastfeeding consult, if requested

COVID Birth Package: $850

  • 2 hour prenatal visit
  • 8 hours of in-person labor support at home
  • Additional in-person labor support, $50 per hour
  • 4 hours of virtual support.  Once you leave for the hospital, I will be available 24/7 to answer questions, provide suggestions and extra calm doula encouragement
  • Additional virtual support, $25 per hour
  • 1 hour postpartum visit at home, within the first week after discharge
  • Additional 1 hour breastfeeding consult, if requested

Care Package: $1,700

Birth Package plus:                                                                                                           30 hours of postpartum doula support

Postpartum Doula

My passion as a postpartum doula stems from having very little support after my children were born.  While I am at your home caring for you during your delicate postpartum time, I want you to feel supported both physically and emotionally to promote healing of mind and body.  This may look like I’m filling your water cup, making you a snack or meal, helping you master the art of swaddling and breastfeeding or caring for your baby so you can get much-needed rest or a quick shower.  However sometimes, we just sit and chat and I answer questions or just listen to you, which aids in your emotional healing as well.

Postpartum support daytime packages:

  • 30-hour package: $1040
  • 50-hour package: $1725
  • 75-hour package: $2575

If you aren’t sure which package you will need, feel free to schedule a 30-hour package and know that you can always add-on towards the end, with your purchase credited toward the upgraded package.  However, keep in mind my availability may have changed.

A la carte postpartum support:

If you find yourself in need of just a little extra help so you can feel more confident caring for your little one (or sneak in a nap or shower or just want help with those first few outings) this service is for you!  I am often available on short notice, or you can schedule shifts ahead of time if you know there are some upcoming times when you’ll need some extra support.

A la carte support: $35 per hour (minimum 4-hour shifts per day)

Postpartum support overnight packages:

I offer short term overnight packages, with up to 4 nights per week.  If you are someone who just needs a few nights to get more sleep to function better during the day or to help with the transition of caring for baby after you or your partner are back to work, I can help!  If you aren’t sure how many nights you will need, choose any package and you can always add on later, however understanding my availability may have changed.

minimum 8-hour shifts

50-hour package: $1975
75-hour package: $2950
100-hour package: $3900

Additional hours are:  $40

Bereavement Doula

A bereavement doula is someone trained to provide whatever support a mother needs, who is experiencing a planned or unplanned miscarriage, stillbirth or brief life expectancy.  Since I have training in labor, postpartum and infant feeding I can provide well rounded support for any situation.

Birth Package:

  • Prenatal visit
  • In-person labor support
  • Postpartum visit
  • Binder of resources

Care Package:
Birth Package plus:

  • 10 hours of postpartum doula support
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