December 13, 2017

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is someone trained to take care of a mother and her newborn.  My favorite part of this job is caring for the mom.  My hospitality gifts come out and I enjoy caring for you as you recover.  Your body went through the most intensive experience ever and you need time to heal and replenish your sleep and strength.  Maybe it’s from my own personal experience of not having any help when I had my kids, but I am passionate about helping new moms.  I will offer a set of helping hands and provide a compassionate and nonjudgmental presence during this period of adjustment.  The mother is my priority and helping with baby helps mom to be more relaxed, confident and more rested, which allows mom to recover quicker. 

It’s common to feel unprepared to meet the challenges this part of the journey brings.  It is my privilege to walk alongside you as you welcome your new baby into the family, providing gentle support, encouragement and education as you find your footing in your new role.  For some mothers, they are bringing home baby into an already established family dynamic with other siblings.  If that is your situation, I will be there to help with your recovery, tending to the baby so you can rest or care for your other children, all the while keeping things tidy when life seems chaotic.  Sometimes, well ok all the time, it feels like we just need another set of hands.  Let me be those extra hands and eyes!

Whether you have questions about feedings, sleep or, “Is this normal?” or just want some company while you process all the changes that are going on, I’m here for you.  My goal is to help you become self-reliant and confident in your skills as a mom!

What does a typical postpartum doula shift include?

First and foremost, my goal is to address your main concerns during each visit, whatever they may be, and from there the time may include providing some of these services:

  • Providing non-judgmental support and a listening ear; emotional support is crucial
  • Providing evidence-based information
  • Answering questions! Education around postpartum healing, newborn care, and infant sleep safety that is within my scope
  • Caring for mom during her recovery time
  • Promoting parent/baby bonding, encouraging parents in their new role
  • Helping with feeding baby (breast and/or bottle)
  • Mentoring assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting
  • Caring for the baby so parents can nap or shower
  • Basic meal preparation, meal planning, grocery shopping
  • Cloth diapering basics/set-up
  • A walking companion!  Exercise is important for a quicker recovery and overall feeling of health and wellness
  • Light housekeeping: dishes, laundry, vacuuming, tidying, organization
  • Running errands
  • Attending Dr. appointments with mom and baby
  • Identifying needs for further support or referrals
  • If requested, offering suggestions for use of essential oils/natural remedies for physical and emotional well-being
  • Helping caregivers adjust to a special needs or high needs baby
  • Helping older siblings adjust to the new baby
  • Help with siblings, but mother and baby are the priority

Doula Services Not Provided:

  • Any medical care, or assessment of medical condition
  • Sibling duties that fall under the services of a nanny – homework, transportation, full-time care
  • Cleaning bathrooms or other household deep cleaning tasks

Benefits of a postpartum support package include:

  • Scheduling priority. Clients who have postpartum packages have first choice of my availability.
  • My personal phone number
  • Flexibility to book shorter visits. You can schedule shifts as short as 3 hours, as opposed to a 4-hour minimum, for à la carte clients.
  • Complimentary 1-hour consultation before booking
  • Discounts for add-on services or classes

Postpartum support daytime packages for Glendora, CA and surrounding areas:

30-hour package: $1040
50-hour package: $1725
75-hour package: $2575

If you aren’t sure which package you will need, feel free to schedule a 30-hour package and know that you can always add-on towards the end, with your purchase credited toward the upgraded package.  However, keep in mind my availability may have changed.

A la carte postpartum support:

If you find yourself in need of just a little extra help so you can feel more confident caring for your little one (or sneak in a nap or a shower) this service is for you!  I am often available on short notice, or you can schedule shifts ahead of time if you know there are some upcoming times when you’ll need some extra support.

$35 per hour (4-hour shift minimum)

Postpartum support overnight packages:

I offer short term overnight care, with up to 4 nights per week.  We can discuss your situation and find what works best for both of us.

If you are someone who just needs a few nights to get more sleep to function better during the day then an overnight doula is just what you need!

minimum 8-hour shifts
50-hour package: $1975
75-hour package: $2950
100-hour package: $3900

Additional hours are:  $40

I also offer labor doula services and a childbirth class.

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